Pathways and Connections

This table illustrates six possible pathways leading to wider value added use of Open Bibliographic Data in library services.
  • Each pathway starts with an initial business driver (the ‘START’ Use Case) for opening up a library’s bibliographic data. For example, Path 1 is based on the start point of allowing a union catalogue (such as Copac or Suncat) to publish ‘my records’ as open data.
  • We then suggest the ‘PLUS’ opportunities that might follow because have a real service relationship with that ‘START’ point. In Path 1, you might expect that ‘open data’ Union Catalogue partner to offer collaborative cataloguing (UC11), to engage with Google (UC7) and with a shared collection management service such as UKRR (UC9).
  • This might lead you to decide ‘ALSO’ to publish your data for unspecified use, recognizing as yet unseen synergies that may arise. Whilst that is a likely end point, the table may assist you in defining clusters of complementary activity (START / PLUS) that form a strong business case for taking the first steps.
  • If these paths don’t resonate with your service, then simply identify your own – which may, of course include Use Cases (service drivers) we have not even considered in the Guide!

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